Our consumer protection team structures, develops and implement tailored preemptive strategies to comply with consumer protection law. We have a range of local and international clients from diverse industries devoted to the commercialization of massive consumption goods and services, in the context of the consumer protection regulation.

We assist our clients in the design of compliance, commercialization, and product warranty strategies, elaboration of claim and complaint answering protocols, the development of advertising and promotion breaks, and actively participate in collective and individual consumer’s rights protection litigation. In addition, we have expertise assisting our clients in the implementation of inspective visits and search orders protocols.

Based on our clients’ needs, we have successfully developed recall campaigns in the context of the commercialization of defective products that eventually could represent a risk to consumers.

We have expertise in product labelling and food processing, in sanitary and financial applicable regulation, massive consumption goods and services, litigation and collective mediation procedures before the local regulator, the National Consumer Agency (SERNAC).

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