Roberto Guerrero



Secretary: Adriana González

One of the founding partners. His practice is most focused as arbitrator. Also, he is part of corporate, financing departments and labor.

Law, Universidad de Chile (1965).

General Counsel of the Central Bank of Chile (1975-1979).
Legal advisor to the Monetary Council and to the Ministers of Finance and Economy (1975-1979).
General Coordinator of the restructuring of the Chilean sovereign debt (1977-1979).
Deputy to the Executive Secretary of the Foreign Investment Committee (1975-1979).

Dean, General Secretary and President of Universidad Finis Terrae (1987-2009).
Professor of Law at the School of Economics of Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (1989-1990).
Professor of Jurisprudence and International Commercial Arbitration at Universidad Finis Terrae’s Law School (2005-2010).
Professor at the Procedural Law Master at Universidad Andrés Bello (2011).
Member of the board of directors of British American Tobacco Chile Operaciones S.A. (1987-2015).
Member of the Chilean Bibliophiles Society.
Member of the Chilean Bar Association (since 1965).
Member of the Consejo Nacional de Educación (2012-2018).
Arbitrator of the Arbitration and Mediation Center of Santiago.

Spanish, English and French.

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